War in Ukraine

On February 24 2022 Russia started a full-fledged act of war against Ukraine.
The reaction of Ukrainian economy and bank system is following:

1) Foreign currency market:

  • On February 24 NBU /National Bank of Ukraine registered the official rate of hryvnia to foreign currencies, the official rate of hryvnia to special drawing rights and also the price of precious metals on the rate of 29,2559;
  • it is forbidden for authorized institutions to conduct any foreign exchange transactions:
    • using Russian rubles and Belarusian rubles;
    • with legal entities or individuals located in the Russian Federation or in the Republic of Belarus.
  • Banks are allowed to sell cash at the bank's cash desks only in the amount of the balance in the branch on the morning of February 24, 2022 and at a fixed rate of the NBU;
  • Banks are allowed to buy foreign currency from customers in an unlimited amount, but only at a fixed rate of the NBU;
  • It is planned to issue domestic state war bonds in the amount of up to UAH 400 billion, the buyer of which will be the National Bank of Ukraine. The bonds will be issued at 11% per annum. The term of circulation will be up to 15 years. The coupon period is one year.
  • Restrictions on non-cash payments were not introduced, the population can pay with bank cards, where there is such a facility.

Official sources for obtaining information on the situation in Ukraine

(official sites may be subject to cyber attacks, so we provide links to official social media accounts and channels)

We urge you not to spread fakes, unverified information and not to help the enemy.

Don't stand away — help those who are fighting for peace in Europe and care about victims of war!

You can find out how to help Ukraine on the website of the NSDC of Ukraine "Anti-War Coalition":

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